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Thursday is Almost a Working Mom Holiday!

I  am always thankful when it is Thursday. Everybody at work seems a little more upbeat. Once we get past hump day, everybody gets focused on the weekend. We seem to get more efficient. And we're in a better mood. This week though, Thursday is even more special.

It has been a beautiful week in Pittsburgh. Who needs a Florida Spring break when you have seventy degree days in your hometown?!

Yesterday my day was filled with working, writing and spending time with those I love. Andre and I compromised. We took a long walk and went for a run.  One would think that I'm back to my old running conditioning with all of the running I've been doing lately.  The truth is, it's just been too hard to resist Andre and the call of the weather. 

In the interest of full disclosure though, I would have been content to have just walked yesterday.  However, like I said, he has a need for speed.  And when your man beckons you to join him for a run with the baby, you kind of have to say yes.

Anyway, here I go, off to work for another productive day.  Here's hoping!
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