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Comments from a Florida Vacation...

I am sitting in the rental car in a strip mall parking lot in St. Petersburg, Florida. Andre is in a sushi bar grabbing us a very late lunch/early dinner. This vacation has taught us that restaurants aren't a place for toddlers, or at least not our very curious, running around all of the time, believing that everyone wants to meet her toddler. We tried eating out last night at Crabby Bills in Clearwater, Florida. After the soup, we had to take our food to go. At the hotel we realized that they neglected to give us our salad. I wonder how much food is left behind by weary parents??? We should have called the restaurant to ensure that we got a refund, but the bedtime routine distracted us... Oh well, it's our contribution to the Clearwater economy. I think I see Andre coming AND Sylvester is playing low on the radio (baby is napping). It's time to eat and jam!
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