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Happy Easter!

This morning was special. The sun was shining and it was Easter Sunday! I woke up with a smile because my sister is in town and I knew that we would be attending church as a family.  And my smiles continued all day long.

The baby must have known that it was a special day. She woke up smiling too. Even though she was under the weather she was also agreeable and cooperative. She got washed and dressed without complaint. She even let her daddy do her hair. (Mommy snuck and did it again though. Don’t tell!)

She was so pleased to see that the Easter Bunny had paid her a visit leaving toys and candy. She was blithely unaware that the candy would mysteriously disappear. The daddy bunny thought candy was a good idea. The mommy bunny considered candy a bad idea for an already rambunctious toddler. It was clear that seeing the candy, touching it, and hearing the paper crinkle, was so much fun for her I didn’t feel guilty about not letting her eat it.

Below is a photo of me and the baby with her Easter basket. It’s a classic glimpse into my world. I was dressed, excited about the baby’s response to her Easter basket and eager to pose. I forgot all about the roller in my hair. Maybe I’ll start a new trend!

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