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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: My Quest for Balance

I am still striving and trying to be the best mom and woman that I can be. Every day is both a joy and an act in juggling. There are so many things that I need to do an so many things that I want to do that the juggling can be extreme.

I am a mother, a lawyer, a blogger, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a fashionista who is staring in this reality show called "Chaton's World".  Did you think that the Kardashians were the only ones staring in their own show? They may have the paparazzi, but all of us are people who are the stars of our own shows, even if nobody watches them.

If I were casting for my show, "Working Mom" would be the description for the lead. As a working mom, specifically and attorney and blogger, I have lots of demands on me. There are deadlines and disappointments. And some days I excel at the "working" part only to fall a little short on the "mom" part...

As a mother, I want to share all of my daughter's important milestones. I also want to protect her from harm and develop a strong relationship with her. There are days when I am convinced that I have the working mom nut cracked.  Then there are days like the one I had last week when I found a bruise on her leg...

Last week while giving her a bath I noticed that she had skinned her knee.  At first I was mad that the nanny hadn't shared that with me. Then I became sad. I imagined her falling and looking around for her mommy only to be forced to rely on the comforts on the nanny. Don't get me wrong, the nanny is great, but she is not me.

Apparently the real story was less dramatic. She fell at the National Aviary where she goes once a week for a story and immediately got up and started running again. The nanny noticed her injury while changing her diaper and forgot to note it in the log. Hearing that was a relief. However, I became a little sad because it becomes more clear every day that she is becoming more independent and no longer relies on her mother for everything. 

When did she get so grown up? It seems like just yesterday when I brought her home from the hospital and was trying to figure out what to do!

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