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A Peek Into the Life of a Blogging Mom: Saturday (Part Deux)

Here's what happened after I got off of my iPad. The baby had woken up so it was time to venture into the library. I got out of the car to pay for parking, which was a bit of a hassle.

In some locations, Pittsburgh has adopted these parking machines that I hate. You park on the street and pay for parking at a central machine. You tell the machine the numbered space you're in and the machine gives you a ticket telling you what time you have to leave.

I made a mommy mistake. I only took a dollar worth of quarters with me to the machine. That only gave me 30 minutes. If it had been a normal parking meter I just would have put more money in. However, since these new machines tell you what time you have t leave, you have to wait till your time is up to put more money in. Otherwise you'll waste your money.

So we got out of the car and began walking into the Carnegie Library. Of course it started to rain.  Fortunately, the baby was wearing a hood. So, she was no worse for the wear. Mommy got wet, but that goes with the territory. 

When we arrived inside I was impressed by the cafe and the Children's room that was an ideal place for children. It was decorated in bright colors. There were children's books, stuffed animals and computers. I immediately knew that 30 minutes wasn't going to be enough time. However, I also knew that carrying the baby into the library with her diaper bag had been a bit of a hassle and I wasn't going to be doing that journey again just to pay the meter. So, I did what any smart mommy would do. I decided to make the most of our 30 minutes and watch my car through the window!

Below are some photos from our trip. Steely McBeam was there to celebrate the community day. She sat on his lap, but didn't smile!

I wish that I could have shown a photo of her enjoying story time. However, she was so enthralled by the computer that she wanted no part of the story.

We stayed about 45 minutes and did not get a ticket!

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