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Comments about Yesterday's Photos...

Some folks have commented about the fashion from yesterday's photos.

On, "Night Talk", I wore a dress by Diane Von Furstenberg and a necklace by J. Crew. I also wore a pair of garnet patent leather shoes by Ralph Lauren. I scored the dress at the recent "going out of business sale" at the old Saks Fifth Avenue store in Pittsburgh. I was sad to see the store close, but I did have some very productive trips there during the sale. The necklace is actually three separate necklaces that I found at J. Crew. A colleague has a black necklace that i love that she got in Italy. When I saw the single red strands at J. Crew I decided to see whether I could achieve a similar look. I got close and saved the airfare to Italy!

The toddler wore Missoni for Target to the Children's Festival. I was fortunate enough to score a few pieces on a trip to Morgantown, West Virginia last year on a business trip. I had no hope of scoring anything in Pittsburgh or online. If you followed that sale you know that Target sold out of that stuff in about 15 minutes. Apparently, Morgantown, West Virginia has fewer fashionistas. Lucky for me! The icing on the cake about the toddler's outfit is that her daddy picked out her outfit. It's cute how he makes sure that she looks good. Sometimes we disagree about what "looking good" is, but generally he hits the mark.

Now, I have to figure out what to wear to work. I have a luncheon and an important meeting today. I actually have to look like a lawyer.

Wish me luck!

Missoni for Target
Diane Von Furstenberg
J. Crew Documentary
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