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Happy Mothers' Day: To Women Who Wear the Most Glorious Crown

This is the third Mothers' Day that has been more special to me. Three years ago I was pregnant. Last year, I had a new baby. This year, I have a toddler. And being a mother has caused me to view this day differently.

As a daughter, I valued Mothers' Day. However, as a mother, Mothers' Day touches my soul. And it makes me reflect on my blessings.

My life changed substantially when I become a mother on September 25, 2010 .Given all of the media attention on motherhood,  I almost regret saying that. With all of the attention by US Weekly on "baby bumps", motherhood has almost become a cliche.  Still, like apple pie, it remains absolutely American. Also, while it may be trivialized by the media, I am a witness that motherhood is profound and it changes your life.

It has made me more generous, compassionate, and focused. It has made me realize that as a mother, I have a responsibility to leave this world better than when I found it.
Surprisingly, Ann Romney influenced my post today.  Last Thursday she wrote an op-ed piece about motherhood in USA Today. As I wrote in my prior post, I went on a business trip last week and stayed in a hotel. ( Like most hotels the Sheraton makes sure that you are aware of the news by delivering a copy of USA Today to your room.

If I hadn't been in a hotel, I may have missed Romney's piece. I was drawn to Romney's piece on motherhood. She described the journey of being a woman and noted how it it is punctuated by the experiences of being a daughter, a granddaughter, and a mother. (  She also commented that "there is no crown more glorious than motherhood."

It pains me to say it, but she's right. Motherhood is a glorious, special, and important crown that I wear proudly. 

For women, life is about choices. However, for me, after learning that I was pregnant, becoming a mother was my only choice.  I embrace my sisterhood with the other women who made that choice and wear the glorious crown of motherhood with me.

Today, is cause to celebrate. Whether our mothers were perfect, flawed, or merely human, as women, our relationship with our mothers defines us and shapes who we are and how we interact with the world and our own children. 

Every day, I strive to be the best mother that I can be and strive to be worthy of wearing this most glorious crown.  I try to give my daughter what she needs and some of what she wants. I also try to insulate her from my numerous shortcomings.

I believe that with each generation we mothers have the opportunity to do better. Every day I try to improve on the legacy of the mothers in my family who shaped who I am.  They worked hard. They made sacrifices. However, I believe that it is my Divine mandate to do better. I believe that I am succeeding.  However, currently, my daughter is often found screeching and running through time share presentations and restaurants. Time will tell.

For all of my Democrat sisters out there, I believe that motherhood, and more specifically womanhood, is a universal experience that transcends politics and religion. So, don't judge me. This post has nothing to do with Mrs. Romney's husband.

Rather, it is an acknowledgement, that all of us mothers, whether Republican or Democrat, Christian or Mormon, are in this journey of motherhood and womanhood together.

To all of the women who wear this "most glorious crown", including our First Lady, Michele Obama, "Happy Mother's Day!!!" 

(Tomorrow may be a day for politics, but today is a day for mothers! Below is a recent photo of mine. You should know, she is fabulous!)

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