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Link to Another Blog Discussing the "Mommy Wars": Law Mom Blog (Stay at Home Mom vs. Working Mom)

Below is a link to an interesting piece by a lawyer mom posted a year ahead of the "Mommy Wars"!

I love this quote, "I enjoy parenting my daughter. But being my daughter's mom is not all of who I am. I have a lot of other parts, including the working part, that make me, well, me."  I think that I may be slightly less evolved than "Law Mom". 

Even though I am a practicing lawyer, being my daughter's mother is everything to me. Becoming a mom transformed how I see myself and who I am. I enjoy my career and many other things in my life, especially my baby's handsome father. (If you're curious about him. there LOTS of photos of him on my Facebook page located at (  However, being makes me work harder. I could relax a bit if it were just me and Andre. We are adults. We can fend for ourselves. However, I have dreams for my daughter and for our family. Those dreams motivate me to work harder and longer. They also make me committed to achieving financial independence. 

The moral is, no "faction" of mothers has a monopoly on love and devotion.  All mothers have those qualities. Our love and devotion to our families grows exponentially when we become moms.  We just choose to express that love and devotion in different ways. So, ladies let's just erase the battle lines and get along!

Law Mom Blog
Law Mom Blog: Stay at Home Mom vs. Working Mom

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