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Toddler Tales: My Kid and I Got Caught in a Storm

Sometimes my quest for health and fitness goes too far. After work today I decided to go for a walk with the toddler. I had a late lunch of Chick-Fil-A.  I got the chargrilled sandwich, but I got the meal. It came with French fries. I told myself that I was getting the meal so that I could get a Dasani bottled water, but who was I kidding. It was 4:00 PM and I was just having lunch.  I wanted the fries.

After eating the fries I started to feel a little guilty. Fries don't really contain any nutritional benefit. They're really just empty calories. Also, yesterday I wore a bikini. There's no way that I'll be able to keep that up all summer if I'm on the French Fry diet. I think that there's a reason that Jenny Craig doesn't have them on their list of recommended foods. They taste so good that they bypass all of your inhibitions!

Anyway when I got home I changed clothes, put the toddler in her Expedition stroller and began our walk.  We walked fast. We walked past PNC Park. We walked along the river.  We were strolling and I was happy! As we walked I noticed dark, ominous clouds in front of us. My mind started racing. "Did they call for rain?!" I started to walk faster. As we approached the river entrance for Heinz Field it started to drizzle and the toddler started to squirm.

I began walking faster. I wanted to run, but I knew that at some point I'd have to run and I was trying to conserve my energy. When we run as a family Andre pushes the stroller. You'd be surprised at how difficult it is to run when you're pushing a stroller and a 22 pound child!

It started to rain a little harder, but not much. Then, all of a sudden the sky opened up and God's violent tears pummeled us! I don't know if "flash storm" is a recognized term by the Weather Channel. All I know is that the sky opened up and in a flash we were both drenched and confused. And then, finally, I began to run.  I began to run as if my life depended on it, even though I couldn't see very well. I was as if I was blinded by the rain!

It was raining so hard that it hurt. I could feel every drop and it was stinging my skin.

Then, the baby started to cry, as if on cue.  I felt like a terrible mother.  How could I have taken her on a walk without paying attention to the forecast.  And how often are the meteorologists right anyway?! (no offense to my cousin Betty who is actually a meteorologist.) Why couldn't they have been wrong today?!

I started running, but it was hard to do when I couldn't really see. I ran as far and as fast as I could. I passed by a couple with an umbrella that did not serve them well. It had blown straight into the air! I made my way to the Carnegie Science Museum.  It has a very large awning. It kept the toddler and I dry while we waited for Andre.

Once we arrived at the museum she stopped crying. I think that she was in shock and confuse about why her normally peaceful walk was interrupted by torrential rain.  Soon though, Andre came to rescue us in the car. He was too happy to play hero.  I was glad to be rescued, but I was embarrassed. I always lecture him about the importance of being careful and here I was putting the baby in peril!

Fortunately, we were no worse for the wear, just a little wet! Also, mommy has been humbled...

Baby Confused About the Outing (fortunately daddy brought a towel with him!)

Baby Remains Confused

Baby Forgave Me and Laughed. Yeah! Perhaps I'm not a Bad Mommy!

Note to Self: Get Cousin Betty on speed dial to get the accurate forecast!
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