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Tuesday Tales: Poop

Parenting is an exercise in humility and humor. Also, it can make you feel inadequate. The time I woke up and learned that my baby had eaten poop I was so embarrassed, even though I was alone. I felt like I had a crazy baby and like I was a delinquent mommy. (Read about that day at

Even though I received a great deal of support from the blogosphere, until recently, the incident still conjured up feelings of inadequacy. I am not one for comparing myself to others unless I believe that they are taller, richer, or more attractive. Indeed, those comparisons generally motivate me. For example, the taller thing has motivated me to "invest" in numerous pairs of stilettos and platforms...

As a mom, and as a mom who blogs in particular, I have learned that every mom struggles. That is part of the motivation for this blog. I want it to be a place for supporting and sustaining mothers.

That being said, I am no saint.

To that end, I'll share a secret with you. Sometimes there is nothing like someone else's mistake to make you feel better about your own decisions.

The other day I was in Costco talking about my blog with the woman at the Service Desk. I often blab about the blog to strangers. It's a compulsion! Be forewarned...

Anyway, I mentioned that Pop City had profiled me as a new "Mommy Blogger" in Pittsburgh and had written about how my baby had eaten poop. I guess my admission gave her confidence. Indeed, she felt "supported and sustained". She immediately asked me "whose poop"? What a novel question!

Until she asked the question I had believed that my poop incident was parenting low. So, I sheepishly confessed that it was the baby's own poop. Her response, "That's nothing. My baby ate the dog's poop"!

Her comment left me speechless. I also immediately felt 10 times better about my parenting skills. Don't judge me!!!
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