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Whining From a Working Mom: The Price of Vacation

All working moms value their time. Based on our recent vacation to Florida I have come to appreciate the time my family spends on vacation a great deal.

Our vacation was relaxing, energizing, and idyllic. We love the beach and the time we spent on the beach was so very peaceful. The ebb and flow of the tide seemed to infuse energy into our very beings.  The sunshine didn't hurt either!

There is a price to a vacation though, and I am not talking about what we paid the Hilton or Disney.  I am talking about all of the work that you do at work preparing to go on vacation, the work that accumulates on your desk while you are out on vacation, and all the energy your expend trying to catch up when you return.

I know that vacation is important because you reconnect with your family, accumulate great memories and have time to relax. (The Importance of Taking a Vacation) But my goodness! At least at my job the price is steep.

I long to be European and to have a true "holiday". When everyone is on holiday, there is a pause at work, like at the end of the year when people take off to celebrate whatever Winter holiday is a part of their culture. When you return then, it's somewhat relaxing because so many people are out.

However, when you have the audacity to take off when most everyone else is working you pay BIG on the front end and on the back end.

Did I mention that my boss is on an extended vacation now, which makes me even more busy and I have to take a business trip?

Well, I don't have time to whine about that because I have to get on the road!

Don't feel too bad for me though. We did have a great vacation!!!

Even though the price may be high, I encourage all working moms to take their vacation too. There's no fun in staying at work just to "be caught up". Also, you need a break! So what if you have to work harder to go and when you return.  As working moms, we know how to work hard to get what we want! (Employees Don't Take All Their Vacation Time (but they should))

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