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Working Mom Confessions: My Business Trip

I had a series of presentations out of town on Friday, two hours away. The first started at 7:45 AM. Because it started so early I decided to stay overnight.

I don't like being away from my daughter, but it was only an overnight trip. Also, I have a confession. I was looking to have a night free. Some working moms live "la vida loca" on business trips. I just wanted to get a relaxing evening involving a pedicure, a drink, and a little blogging. It was going to be a little mommy vacation. Even though it would have been less than twenty four hours I knew that I would have had weeks of renewal. I'd also have cute feet.

Well, this is Chaton's World and sometimes things don't go as scheduled.

The day before my presentations I had to do a walk through for a health fair that I was working on for a community group I'm involved in. It took longer than expected and threw off my work schedule. So, I left work later than expected, got home later than expected, and got on the road later than expected.

Oh yeah, and did you know that toddlers are unpredictable?! Somehow mine sensed that I was trying to sneak away and she decided to throw a little tantrum!

When I got home, all she wanted was for mommy to put her to bed. I may have broken a mommy rule, but I couldn't ignore her cries. I gave in and put her to bed. That made me get on the road after 9:00.

Good bye pedicure. Good bye drink. Good bye blogging.  Hello late, rushed drive. Hello energy drink, Sweet Tarts and Twizzlers. Whenever I have a long drive I ingest large quantities of sugar and some caffeine. They help me stay awake.

When I arrived at the hotel it was time to go to sleep and there was little time for anything else.  Hello insufficient rest... 

Still, it was worth it. I may not practice attachment parenting, but I am am rather attached to my daughter. I can't be happy unless she's happy. Don't judge me!

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