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Mommy Mondays: Hip and Trendy Childbirth (Having Children the Natural Way)

Women have been giving birth and enduring labor since the beginning of time. While I don't know whether childbirth stories were exchanged at quilting bees, I tend to think that they were. Childbirth and motherhood are indisputably female.  Also, there is great mystery surrounding it and we all crave more information about it. I have heard older women describe how they would discuss childbirth with their friends.  I also believe that this fascination is probably why mommy blogs are so popular.

Pregnancy is an amazing journey...

Even advertisers understand.  Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is a vibrant industry and celebrities are capitalizing on it. For example, Tia Mowry wrote a book called, "Oh Baby!" about her pregnancy and childbirth experience and has sold lots and lots of copies. Even with all of this interest in the topic, I doubt that the early mothers ever thought that childbirth would be described as "trendy".

Nowadays how women give birth is a personal choice influenced by their values and pain tolerance. I have previously written about by how I chose a drug-free, natural childbirth experience. It was the natural choice for me, albeit a challenging one. However, I had no idea that it was considered to be a hip and trendy choice.  Apparently, though, I could have been even trendier and chosen a midwife.

Using a midwife is the celebrity childbirth choice.

According the New York Times, certain celebrities have one upped me again. They are choosing natural childbirth and choosing to use a midwife. Apparently midwife assisted birth is the new "status symbol" for childbirth. Beyonce may have used an obstetrician and delivered at Lenox Hill, but the supermodels are opting for midwife assisted deliveries and some, like Gisele, are even delivering at home.

While I try to be natural and organic, I am no tree hugger. There was no way that I was considering delivering at home or anywhere but a hospital. I am a healthcare attorney. I know too much. I needed to be in the hospital where I could have the quickest access to services. Like most things related to women's health, I am glad that it was my choice.

Hopefully, the supermodels and the natural childbirth advocates won't consider me a fraud because I used an obstetrician and delivered in a hospital. I should be OK though. It's not like I had my hospital wing or anything! (No judgment Beyonce!)  

Trendy Childbirth

Read more about the new increase in the use of midwives at, "The Midwife as Status Symbol"

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