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A Peek into the Life of a Blogger Mom: A Day at The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh!

 Toddler and Mommy at the Children's Museum

Today was a spectacular summer day in Pittsburgh! The weather was warm and the sun was bright. Also, as planned, the toddler and I visited the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and the grand opening of the Buhl Community Park at Allegheny Square. We had a great time!

It was particularly fun for me. Although the toddler visits the Children's Museum often, I don't. She visits with her nanny. So, it was a real treat to go with her today. She showed me around. It was like she owned the place! And although we have a membership, for some reason I was excited because entrance was free. I know that's beyond weird. However, since this is my blog, I can share if I want to! :-)

We made it there in time for the official unveiling of the park. We sat next to the sculpture called the "Cloud Arbor". Its a high-pressure sprinkler by fixing 64 stainless-steel poles in the ground. A towering cloud of mist is created when water is forced through high-pressure nozzles in 24 of the 32-foot-high poles.  Too bad I hadn't read about it before we sat there. When the announcer said, "Behold the Cloud Arbor" or something like that. We just sat there and when the sculpture started misting we were engulfed in a cloud of water, we could barely see. It was cool. However, at the end we were both a little wet. Had I known what it was about, I may have admired from afar... :-) Thank goodness it was hot out!

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl addressed the crowd from the podium. His speech was good, but unremarkable. The most memorable thing was seeing him try to manage his toddler son, Cooper. It was clear that in the mayor's house his kid is in charge. It's nice to know that I am not alone!

Toddler posing in front of an Andy Warhol type photo at the Children's Museum.

The toddler after pretending that the ramp was a slide. Gotta love her imagination!

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