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Friday Tip: International Kissing Day

I have another Friday tip. It's International Kissing Day! Can you believe it?!  There's a holiday that is even better than one encouraging you to eat your weight in fried chicken??? 

If you couldn't get behind National Fried Chicken Day because it occurs during bikini season, you should be able to embrace this one.  After all, there are some aerobic benefits to kissing.  According to a person weighing 120 pounds burns an average of 14 calories for every 15 minutes kissing.

Here's the coolest thing, the more you weigh, the more calories you burn. Besides, kissing makes you feel sexy, which can lead to another activity that is an even better calorie burner...  How you choose to celebrate this holiday is your choice though.  In my case I am about to leave work and find Andre.  I've got some calories to burn! 

Happy Friday!!!

International Kissing Day
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