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Toddler Tales: Naptime in the Loaner Car

Here's another peek into my world. I couldn't make it up if I tried... I also wouldn't make it up. If were to lie I would make up something to make me look good, instead of looking like a maniac mom desperately in need of a good night's sleep. 

So, I had to return to Rohrich Lexus to get another loaner car after they so graciously gave me the first one.  I hope that their failure to fix my car the first time was not a ploy to get me to drive another loaner car…  

Anyway, the day came for me to return the car again.  So, on Saturday the toddler and I went to return the second loaner car. It took us longer to get there than planned. There were a series of detours. No we didn't get to the dealer after it closed. That actually could have been possibility for me, but this story's different. I had plenty of time on Saturday. So, we were good on time.  There was a wrinkle though. The toddler fell asleep 

I am a slave to the toddlers nap time. They teach you in Parenting 101, or they would if there was such a class, that no good has ever come from waking a sleeping baby. I wasn't about to push my luck by waking the toddler on Saturday. So, I picked up some lunch and drove to the dealership. My lunch options were limited though.  

I hear you can go to jail for leaving a toddler in the car unattended. So, I was forced to go to a drive thru. Gotta love McDonalds for the convenience if not for the calories. I pulled into the dealership and ate my lunch. Then I saw a man in a tie. I figured he worked there. I asked him what time they closed. He said 5:00. It was only 3:00. Yeah!

I had my iPad so I should have taken advantage of the time by going on Twitter and tweeting to my favorite followers.  Or, I could have gone on Blogger and created some more posts. I could have even gone on Facebook and tried to get more people to like my page, which is something I really need to do.  If you’re looking for something to do, stop by

However, I did none of those things.  This is Chaton's World and although I am not a machine.  Instead, I am a working mom and generally in need of a nap.  Had the toddler been napping at home I would have felt pressure to be productive. In the loaner car, with the supple leather seats that reclined effortlessly, I felt a different kind of pressure. Also, since it was a brand new car, the temperature was controlled, perfectly.

It was as if I was rocked to sleep and it felt so good! Naptime was in full effect for mommy and toddler!  So, this past Saturday, in the parking lot at Rohrich Lexus, a mommy and a toddler enjoyed a nice summer nap.  Don't judge me. 

For those worried about our safety, don't.  I locked the car doors and left the windows cracked for good measure. Surprisingly, the sleep felt so sweet.  We slept for an hour!  An hour is short for the toddler's nap, but it was wonderful for me. 

Lesson: Car repairs = about $400. Nap in the loaner car = priceless.
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