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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: If you show up, perform!

"Ninety percent of life is just showing up." Woody Allen

I have been blogging for some time, but recently realized that I am a part of a blogging community.  So, I had been looking forward to my trip to the BlogHer ’12 conference for some time.  Much to my dismay, my trip got off to a really rocky start.
Right before I left we had to find alternate childcare arrangements unexpectedly. That disrupted my schedule and I couldn’t spend as much time preparing for the conference.  While I was on the plan waiting for them to close the doors Andre called and told me that my car died in the Fort Pitt tunnel on the way home from the Pittsburgh International Airport... After I called AAA for him the flight attendant told me to get off of the phone. When I got off of the phone he was still in the tunnel. When I landed he told me that the person who towed the car believed that I had a problem with my transmission.  All I could say was, “WOW!”
Even though my trip got off to a rocky start I had a great time. Two years ago I would have had an unproductive trip if it had started off with the challenges that I mentioned.
 Now, I am older and wiser.  I realized that since I was at the conference I needed to be present.  I needed to show up and I needed to perform. 

Moping would have compounded the problem. I would have had the problems I started with, wasted the money I spent on the conference, and missed time with my family for no reason.  So instead, I decided to focus on the opportunity in front of me and make the most of my conference experience.    
I'll post my top five lessons for succeeding at a conference soon. Until then check out this video for Pop Chips that I made with some fellow bloggers. I owe Rachel Blaufeld of for connecting me with Diane Mizota helping me get into this video. Watch it and let me know your thoughts.  I think it shows how committed I was to having a great time! 

(If Katy Perry wants to put some bloggers in her next video she should call us!)

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