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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: My Feature in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In the midst of all of the excitement going on with our childcare situation and my car I learned that my blog was going to be featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  They have a new section called, "The Playground" where they feature blogs and this week they chose mine!

It turns out the editor of that section also has a daughter. And, motherhood tales are  the ties that bind. She related to my post, "Look Before You Leap" when I described how my daughter jumped out of her crib one morning and the guilt and anxiety I felt about it.  Being a guilt-ridden mom who's afraid that she's responsible for doing something to scar her kid for life is a universal experience.  Fortunately for moms kids are more resilient than we think they are!

At the BlogHer'12 conference last month they encouraged us to obtain media coverage for our blog.  So, I am thrilled that the Post-Gazette decided to give this mommy blogger a chance. I can cross something off of my things to do list.  Also, being featured in the biggest newspaper in our region is an honor and it bolsters my spirits. It also reminds me that the best is yet to come!

Happy Friday!!!

Here's the link:
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