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My Plea to Be on Katie Couric's Show!

As you know, I recently learned how to use my web cam and make video posts.  I can be a bit obsessive compulsive. When I get a new toy, I tend to play with it constantly.

If you haven't heard Katie Couric has a new talk show.  It starts airing on September 10th.  And I have decided that I should be on the show.

It's not enough for me to share my witty repartee with my blog readers. I want to share it with the world! (or at least those watching Katie's show.)  Also, I really, really want to meet Katie.

At the BlogHer'12 conference Katie Couric encouraged the bloggers to apply for a spot on her show by going on Twitter and tweeting a request to "@KatieShow".  Well, I have done that, but decided to go a step further.  I decided that I should make a video so that Katie, or her people, could see how badly I want to be on the show. 

This may be the first of several. How many videos would be too many? How do you know when you cross the line from ambitious to annoying?! I may need an intervention. You be the judge!

Katie can you hear me?!

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