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Toddler Tales: If Toddlers Could Talk

I just read the most awesome piece on Huffington Post called "The Honest Toddler". It even had the tag line, "Not Potty Trained, Not Trying". 

From what I know it wasn't written by my toddler. However, she does amaze me with newly acquired skills, daily.  Given how precocious she is I would not be at all surprised if she secretly stole my iPad, got a password to Huffington Post, typed a piece and submitted it.

We're blessed that she's a good sleeper.  I am nervous writing that though.  It seems like every time I even think it she wakes up at 5:00 AM in search of a hug, milk, or her doll.  Still, that's only happened a few times since she's turned one. So, we're really fortunate.

I'm not saying that I haven't run into her room frantically in the nude to appease her, but I'm not saying that I haven't either. 

I know that this mothering thing has tested me in ways that I never imagined. Like most moms I have believed that my child was unaware of my faults.  I might be wrong though.  Read the Huffington Post piece.  Apparently, the toddlers are watching and keeping score!

"The Honest Toddler"
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