Working Mom Tales: Thankful Thursday!

It's Thursday morning and it is an absolute beautiful day in Pittsburgh! So there is lots to be thankful for.  However, I think that I'll take a moment to whine, just a little...

I'm still a little behind on my blog posts as you can tell. If you were looking for a Wednesday Word of Wisdom, I am sorry, but I neglected to post one.  It will post today. And although it won't be on Wednesday I do hope that you benefit from the quote nonetheless.

You may wonder why I'm not posting it right now.  Well, I am typing this entry remotely. I took a cab to work this morning because I remain carless.  It's really amazing at how creative you have to be when you don't have your car. 

Since my car died I have literally taken planes, trains, and automobiles!  I like the New York subway. It's efficient and makes sense.  I have decided that public transportation everywhere else does not always make sense.  It has its own vocabulary, rules, and etiquette.  As a spoiled person with a car for my entire adult life I was ignorant of how it all worked.  Now, I get it.  And while I believe that it is a necessary community resource, I know that I shall count my blessings every day once I have a car again. 

Did I mention that we have to buy another car???  Yeah, the transmission gave out.  For all of you "non-car" people, transmissions cost tons of money and it's often better to buy another car instead of replacing it, especially when your car is over twelve years old like mine.

Oh well, I shall post my words of wisdom when I am back at my "real" computer.  Until then, have a great day and enjoy your world!