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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: My Trip to Fashion Week (almost)

I am a huge fan of social media. It has the power to connect you to people whom you would otherwise not know. In so doing, it has the power to open doors for you.  I am outgoing in “real life” and social media makes me even bolder. For that reason, I probably benefit even more than most from my social media connections. 
This past weekend, a “friend” that I know only from Twitter helped me score tickets to “Fashion Week” in New York. Julia Allison is a media darling. From what I read in “Wired” magazine a few years ago, her good looks and outgoing personality opened lots of doors for her, including the cover of “Wired” magazine. She is also a writer. In other words, she’s a girl after my own heart.
She currently has a show on Bravo too called, “Miss Advised” where she and the other hostesses dispense love and dating advice.
I started following her on Twitter earlier this year. And for some reason, I have decided that we’re friends.  When you’re friends with someone you believe that they will help you if they can. And that’s the way I feel about Julia.  In the Spring she was Tweeting about “Fashion Week” and I asked whether she could help me get tickets for the fall “Fashion Week” shows.  She said “yes”. I followed up with her every once and a while about it and each time she said, “sure”.

And so even though we have never met in person, Julia Allison decided to help me make my dream come true...

Well, because I am a working mom who is juggling so many balls in the air that I’ve lost count, I did not realize that the fall “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week” runs from September 6-13 until September 6th.  I was frantic. How did I let this happen? So, I contacted Julia to see whether she had any tickets for me, and she did. She even gave me options.
We worked out the final details the morning of Saturday, September 8th. That morning I woke up with plans to pick up a package from FedEx and pick up my clothes from the cleaners and by 10:30 AM I was on my way to Manhattan for “Fashion Week” to attend two shows! I was thrilled and jumped up and down. Andre didn’t understand why an attorney and blogger would even want to attend “Fashion Week”. However, I easily dismissed his comments. I had been wanting to attend “Fashion Week” for years and this was my chance.  And I hope to meet Julia and knew that we would instantly become BFFs.
Even though I learned that Julia was attending a wedding in San Francisco before leaving for the airport I was still excited. So, I picked out my outfit, packed my bag, and ignored the whining from the toddler.  Somehow she always seems to know when I am leaving and always expresses her displeasure.

Picking out my outfit was a challenge.  The first show started at 6:00PM (VLOV – QINGQING WU) and the second show, Alejandro Ingelmo Spring 2013 Presentation, started at 7:30PM. My flight was scheduled to land at 5:15PM.  Julia assured me that was plenty of time to make it to the show because they often start late. 

Despite her assurances I was nervous...

Stay tuned for the rest of the tale! 
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