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Mommy Mondays: I learned the rules for receiving a FedEx Package

This past Monday, I simply caught up on things like laundry and housework that we neglected over the weekend because we were way off schedule.
On Saturday, we spent what seemed like days looking for a FedEx facility to pick up a package that they refused to leave at my house because nobody was there to sign for it.
My search for the FedEx facility was an adveture! Even with Google Maps, I got terribly lost. There were lots of road closures that were not noted on Google Maps. So, I kept driving around and around and around.  What was supposed to be a 20 minute trip took over an hour. If I hadn’t been waiting for the package for awhile I would have given up.
When I finally got the package, thanks to the nice women who opened the door even though they were closed, I found out what the problem was.  I had received some wine as a present and the package had a sticker that read “Adult signature required. Do not leave with anyone who appears to be intoxicated.”

Beware readers and mommy bloggers who love to have their wine parties on Twitter. It may not be a crime to be drunk in your own home, but they won’t deliver you anymore booze!
Here's a lesson always appear to be sober when you answer the door. You never know when a friend, a branding company or a spirits company looking to sample product might send you some alcohol. You might even get lucky and have some alcohol delivered to your house in error. You wouldn't want to miss that shipment either.
Shameless Request for Product:    Bethenny Frankel, if you are looking to sample Skinny Girl Margarita or another product in Pittsburgh, ship it to my house. I can assure you that I have a large network of people in your targeted demographic. And, I will answer the door appearing sober!
Have a great day. Try to stay dry. Based on what’s going on outside my door and the weather report on It’s going to be raining hard for the foreseeable future!

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