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Friday Tip: Savor the Last Day of Summer!

For most moms, summer ended when school started. However, today is the official end of summer. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and this morning it is only 57 degrees. So, I think that summer got the memo and is, "se fue".

My love affair with summer is well documented. I love the sights, the sounds, and the smells. Even in Pittsburgh where the sun doesn't always shine brightly, I feel as if every summer day is God's gift to me. Talk about narcissism...

I think that the beauty of summer is that it doesn't last forever. Instead, we have to cling to its memories until it comes again. 

While summer's pleasures are fleeting, I Fall has pleasures too. I choose to embrace the burnt oranges, smell of smoke, and beautiful sunsets of autumn. After all they were ignited by the bright summer sunshine. And I shall embrace them as if they were my first love.

Besides, I will always have my summer memories. I also have today, the official last day of summer. I intend to do something to honor summer today. I may even do something radical, like wear white pants!

And until summer comes again, I have my photographs. I'll be posting some of them over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy them too!

Celebrate summer today!

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