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Top Entertaining Tip for Working Moms (When Social Media Ain't Enough)

As I mentioned recently, sometimes I crave in person socializing. Sometimes I do it at events, bars or restaurants. However, there are other times when I like to entertain the good old fashioned way.  I like to have people at my house. 

When I was single, my parties used to be kind of like those thrown by Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I've always liked that movie and Audrey Hepburn exhibited such great style! However, I actually cooked food for my guests. I come from Southern grandmothers and when we invite people over we feed them!

"The Working Mom’s Key to Entertaining Like Martha Stewart"

Now, I entertain on a much smaller scale.  I would love to feed people a grand meal or fancy hors d'oeuvres every time I have company. However, if I waited until I had that kind of time my daughter would be in college...  Still, I like for people to feel welcome and I like for them to feel like I made an effort to entertain them.  Although my food may be sushi and snacks from Trader Joes' my beverages are homemade.

Indeed, great drinks are how this working mom entertains like Martha Stewart.  My tips can be found through this link:  "The Working Mom’s Key to Entertaining Like Martha Stewart"

Happy entertaining!!!
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