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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: My Trip to Fashion Week (almost) (Part II)

As I planned to travel to the events for “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week” I focused on my outfit. Because of the tight time frame I decided that whatever I wore on the plane I needed to wear to the fashion shows.  I knew that I needed to wear something fashionable and comfortable. Even though I knew that nobody would care what I was wearing since I am not famous (yet J). I took my outfit seriously.

I knew that there was only one answer. I needed a dress.

I found a perfect one in my closet. It was a charcoal grey dress by Suzi Chin by Maggie Boutique. Nothing fancy. It was a straight sheath dress with some folded fabric. It was a couple of inches above the knee. It wasn’t necessarily the most fashion forward choice, but it would travel well and was a great fit. Since it was grey it wouldn’t show dirt. (Becoming a mom has made me super practical!) I could also style it with the jewelry and shoes, which would turn it from airport appropriate to runway ready!  I chose a long gunmetal necklace with crystal accents to jazz it up. And even though I wore flip flops on the plane so that I could move quickly through the airport I had my fierce Charles David low booties with the killer heel in my suitcase. (photo below) I packed skinny jeans by Citizens of Humanity, a white Tory Burch tunic with sequins and a pair of Hype strappy, platform, sandals in my suitcase in case I scored tickets for parties too.

When I left the house, I was in “uniform” and I was ready. All I had to do was make it to the airport. We made it to the airport in record time. I thought it was a sign of the excitement to come. After checking in, I bought an Elle magazine, the “fashion issue”. I felt like I needed to do some research before the shows. And in the hustle and bustle I had left my Vogue at home.

I had the right outfit, the right attitude and research materials.  I was also at the airport on time.  So why, why didn’t I make to it the fashion shows?  If preparation was all I needed this post would have photos of me walking the red carpet.  However, I actually never made it to New York.
Life is what happens when you’re making other plans. I was planning to attend fashion week and life, God, nature, whatever you choose to call it was planning to launch torrential rains and tornadoes in New York City. I’m not meteorologist, but I think that is fairly uncommon. But because this is Chaton’s World that horrendous weather coincided with my fashion week plans and as Snidely Whiplash would say, I was “foiled again”.  My flight was delayed repeatedly. I spoke to the pilot, “Captain Mike” and learned that there was no hope of making the shows. So, I got my money back, left the airport and called Andre.  He and the toddler returned to the airport and my fashion week dreams were over.

Even though I was disappointed, I am glad that I tried. I’ll always remember the day that I almost attended fashion week compliments of my friend Julia Allison.  I’ll also be planning in Pittsburgh for the Spring shows.  Perhaps Julia will be able to help me out again?  Or perhaps I'll be selected to walk the runway as part of the "Fashionable Moms Show" next time? A mom can only hope!

My fashion research for the shows.

Me with Captain Mike after learning I won't make the shows.

The fierce Charles David booties.


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