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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: I Wish I Were in Charlotte at The Democratic National Convention 2012

"Sometimes you you've got to miss the party to be a parent." -- Chatón T. Turner
Watching the Democratic National Convention reminds me of how much my life has changed.  No, I haven’t stopped wearing blue and started wearing red. Instead, it has hit me that I have become a mother.
Four years ago when senator Obama was running for president the election was the most important thing in my life. I volunteered countless hours. I phone banked. I knocked on doors. I worked parades and events.  I did my part and probably the part of a few good men and women. It was all that I could think about. And a victory was all I wanted for my birthday. And when the clocked tolled midnight on my birthday that year, November 5, 2008, President Obama was giving his victory speech and my wish came true. I immediately planned to attend the inauguration and I did.  The only thing that I regretted about that election year was not attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver. So, I vowed to attend the convention during the next campaign.
I was so looking forward to attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC this year. I lived in Charlotte for many years and consider it home. I also am honored to call the mayor and his wife and several influential people in Charlotte friends.  I even used to work at the same firm as Governor James B. Hunt and consider him to be a mentor.  I had missed Denver, but I was excited to experience the convention in my adopted hometown with my friends. And I knew that the parties would be insane!
Being a working mom has taught me to take nothing for granted.  And instead of being at the convention wearing my cute dresses, attending parties and catching up with my peeps, I am in Pittsburgh where I live now going to work, typing this blog post on my couch and watching Michelle Obama give her speech on television.  I’d like to say that I am happy about my choice, but at this moment, “I have lust in my heart.”  I am lusting after being at the convention HARD!
Even though I love being a mom, sometimes the responsibility of being a parent interferes with my plans!
Why am I at home instead of in Charlotte? I couldn’t get it together. As you have read, we have been going through a lot of changes.  We were without a car for nearly a month and are in the early weeks of a new childcare situation.  With all of these things happening the month before I was to leave I failed to get as connected as I needed to be for the convention.  And when it was decision time—time to buy a plane ticket—it didn’t feel right.  So, I trusted my instincts and didn’t buy a ticket. 

I was responsible, but being at home is not as much fun.  And I am jealous of those that are there in the mix.  So I am living vicariously through my friends who are there and I am at home watching the event on television, reading comments on Twitter, and reading newspaper articles. I am also I zealously Tweeting using the hastag #DNC2012!
Also after Michelle Obama gave her speech I stood up and pumped my fist like I was a member of the cast of the Jersey Shore. And I am certain that I will be proud of our president when he speaks.  Surprisingly, as much as I wish that I were there, I still think that I made the right decision.  Go figure?!

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