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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Socializing in Person Can be Fun!


"I always love being in the company of women. It's all about good conversation and great wine."  Naomi Watts quotes 

Since I have a toddler, a lot of my socializing has been via "social media", Facebook and Twitter. Facebook gives me the impression that I am keeping up with my friends and long lost high school classmates. It is effective in allowing me to learn details about people's lives like vacations, "in a relationship out of a relationship" and whether they play "Mafia Wars".  Twitter allows me to see the postings of a much larger universe of people who help me find coupons, keep up on current events, and as you have read recently, score tickets to the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week".
Staying in front of the computer for too long can make you feel as if social media alone is the key to maintaining relationships, but it's not.  Sometimes, you have to see people in person. And good food and good wine makes it more fun!
Recently, I have attended some networking events sponsored by local law firms and have had the pleasure of connecting with some old friends and making new ones.  I also learned the key to always taking a great photo. Thanks Peggy!
Enjoy the photos!
Striking a pose! 

At the end of the day, I networked with the toddler!

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