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A Peek into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: My article in the Post-Gazette

Sunday was pretty exciting! I went to bed with my iPad next to me because I knew that the Pittsburgh Post Gazette would be featuring me as a “Person of Interest” in its Sunday magazine. As soon as I woke up, I looked up the article and was so thrilled to see me and my family in the paper.
I was happy that the photo looked good. However, it made me remember the day of the mini photo shoot. The photographer came to our home on a Tuesday night because that was the only time that worked with our schedule.  The writer told me that they just wanted a “casual” family shot. I considered it. However, I knew that my mother would kill me if I had my daughter in the paper with bare feet and yogurt on her face.  That’s her version of casual. I so I decided to clean her up a bit.
So, we cheated and combed my daughter’s hair and put clean clothes on her. That was about as casual as I was willing to get. I also changed my dress when I got home from work. The dress I wore to work that day was similar in style to the one in the article, but I remembered that I had been photographed in it before. Since I’ve only had photos printed in the paper or magazines a few times, I decided that I didn’t want to wear the same dress.
The other funny thing about the photo is that my daughter was quite confused about the entire thing. She didn’t understand why this stranger was in our home flashing lights in her face. And didn’t seem to like it much. When we’ve taken family photos the photographer has had time to bond with her. However, this time he tried to be fast. I don’t think that he had much experience with toddlers.  The intense look on my daughter’s face is a result of “Dora The Explorer” playing on the television in the background.  (I'd post the photo here, but I don't have the rights to it. Click on the link below though and you can see ou smiling faces!)
Now, you know the secrets about the article. However, I trust that my secrets are safe with you!
Here's a link to the article: "Person of Interest: Chaton Turner"
(Stay tuned for photos from our trip to the pumpkin patch!)

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