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Mommy Mondays: Hurricane Sandy Drives a Mama to Drink!

There are many excuses to have a wine party, but nothing beats a threat of a hurricane or gale force winds!
If you hadn't heard Hurricane Sandy is threatening the East Coast in a major way. It's a hurricane that is testing the mass transit systems in New York City, Connecticut and Philadelphia. It has also thrown a major wrench in the 2012 Presidential Campaign. President Obama will be off of the campaign trail for two days and candidate Romney paused his campaign for a spell. The threat of tragedy makes everyone pause, at least for a moment, to reflect on what's important.
Yesterday we went to Giant Eagle. Among other things we bought bread, yogurt, wild salmon, and shrimp.  I figured that we should be in style if we get stranded.  I can't say that I would be sad to miss a day of work. Spending extra time with my daughter is a gift that this working mom would appreciate!
In addition to shopping, I paused too. Red wine is an intregal part of my work/life balance. I am all about being heart healthy! So, I also decided to have a glass of Alamos Red Blend wine with my dinner.  It was on sale over the weekend at the Wine and Spirits store. Don't judge me!
Seriously, stay safe during the storm. I hope that all is well in your world. Also, let me know how you intend to weather the storm... (Twitter #wineparty anyone?!)


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