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Mommy Mondays: The benefit of good cosmetics

I returned from a business trip on Saturday afternoon. I'll be posting more details about that later. However, for now, I wanted to share what my return to work on Monday was like.
I began the day with a meeting. A friend looked at me and said that I looked tired. I told her about my trip. Then I confessed the secret to my usual youthful, bright eyed look—Laura Mercier “Secret Camouflage” concealer.  I pulled back the veil and let her know that while I may have good genes, I generally have a little bit of help. 
I also confessed that I sometimes don’t manage to do it all. I wasn’t wearing my concealer because I hadn’t unpacked from my trip and the “Secret Camouflage” was buried somewhere in my luggage. 
By the end of the day, I realized that it wasn’t just the missing cosmetics. I was really tired and probably coming down with something. I took a bunch of vitamins and crashed on the couch at 7:30 PM and only woke up at 9:00 PM to put the toddler to bed. God bless Andre for taking care of bath time.
I’ll keep you posted about my progress beating this cold! (Also, I need to make sure that I use my "Secret Camouflage" so that my fatigue remains a secret.)
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