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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: We did it! (Comments About Election 2012)

"The best is yet to come." --Barack Obama, President of the United States
I woke up this morning and learned that our president won re-election. I have avoided a lot of political commentary during this election, but now that the results are in, I'm free to express my excitement. Besides this is Chaton's World and I can write what I want to!

I woke up to learn that my President won re-election.

My work at the polls yesterday tired me out. Instead of watching the president's victory speech I fell asleep on the couch! This morning I woke up and learned that President Obama won re-election and I am I am thrilled. I like what his victory says about our country. I also like what it means for me and for America’s women.
Not too long ago companies could legally discriminate against women. The economy was prosperous. However, women did not share in that prosperity. While things are not perfect now we are making progress. Working women are entitled to breaks for breastfeeding. We are becoming entrepreneurs increasingly. And we are closing the wage gap.
To maintain that progress we need a president who believes that equality for women is essential to achieving a more perfect union.

President Obama will work for the rights of America's women.

President Obama has demonstrated that he believes. He supported the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, hired numerous women in his administration, and continuously speaks about his profound commitment to equality. He is also married to Michele Obama, a most impressive woman with great style and enormous substance. She is an attorney who worked outside of the home before becoming the First Lady of the United States.  His relationship with her has helped to shape his policy views. (I really liked that he discussed his profound love and respect for her in his acceptance speech too.) He was also raised by a single mother.
During the election the Romney campaign said that this election would determine the destiny of this country. I am thrilled beyond belief that our destiny will be shape by a President who envisions an America with board rooms full of women. I am happy that our President is committed to ensuring that women receive a fair chance. Last night was a victory for President Obama, but it was also a victory for America’s women and the best is yet to come.

Today I am doing the happy dance!

So this morning I am doing the “happy dance” just like “Dora the Explorer”! Here's a song for everyone who worked so hard on the President's re-election campaign. His Get Out the Vote Effort brought this election home for him. I am so proud of my mom, Cecilia Griffin-Golden. She  tirelessly worked for his campaign. It was her first campaign effort. She knocked on countless doors, handed out fliers and worked at the poll at Carnegie Mellon all day yesterday where they had over 1400 voters. It was a long, stressful day. Today she can rest and take pride in a job well done. Yeah mom!!!
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