Celebrity Sightings: An Interview With Mr. E! The Motivator

I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Mr. E! The Motivator at Parents Palooza. I also had the opportunity to hear him move the crowd. 

Although Mr. E! does not wear stilettos he is an example for us all about how to achieve balance and achieve our dreams.

Mr. E! is a dad living his dream.

He is a dad and a high school counselor.  He also describes himself as the best motivational speaker around and his time at the microphone did not disappoint. He has an ingenious way of infusing motivational messages into rap music. The messages are designed to educate and entertain. His mission is to motivate students to value education, stay in school and achieve their dreams. As you can see from this video, he is the right person to deliver that message.

Enjoy the video!!!

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