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Holiday Shopping Saving Tips

Tis the season to be shopping! This week Americans are preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and they are planning for the holiday shopping season, including Black Friday.
Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.  Retailers have been quite effective in appealing to our desire to shop and save.  And they have convinced devoted shoppers to head out into the cold, in the wee hours of the morning, because they believe that they will find the perfect deal.

Black Friday is not the only way to save money...

I  have never been motivated to shop on Black Friday. However, I like saving money. I have found that couponing is a great way to save. For those who lack the time or inclination to clip coupons from the Sunday paper, online coupons are a perfect alternative.
Yes, coupon clipping has gone digital! Every prudent shopper should determine whether there is an available coupon before making a purchase. Failure to do so is like passing up free money. And who doesn’t like free money?! One site that has great deals on food, fun and fashion is

Check out the Coupon Chief

Unlike other sites Coupon Chief has a “Pays 2 Share” program that has taken coupon trading parties viral and gives users an opportunity to earn cash by sharing coupons.  It’s an exciting opportunity to help others and earn money. How cool is that?!
So, before buying things online visit the Coupon Chief! And remember, you heard about this great site from me!
This is a sponsored post. 
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