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A Recipe For Glamorous Holiday Hair in Five Minutes (guest post by Harmony Kaiser)

The holiday season is a time for parties, sequins and glamour. However, it is hard for busy moms to step it up when they are already super busy.  Still, nobody wants to be that mom who is at a party in the corner whining because she’s not dressed appropriately. Instead, you want to be the fabulous mom who is admired by all who secretly think, “I don’t know how she does it?!”

Below is a post from Harmony Kaiser a Pittsburgh stylist who helps lots of women, including moms, look fabulous!


The Glamour Pony, the secret to easy holiday glamour!

 Time: 5 minutes

Works on:

1.      Medium to long hair

2.     Dirty hair is better (HUGE plus for busy moms!)


Hair supplies:

1.      Headband

2.     Comb

3.      Hair band

4.     Clip (to hold hair out of the way)

Five Easy Steps to Glamorous Hair

Step 1Divide hair from ear to ear over the top of your head. Clip that front section out of the way.

Step 2:  At the crown of your head, take a two-inch section of the remaining hair and tease the area near your scalp to create volume behind the headband. It’s o.k. if it is a little messy.

Step 3: Un-clip the front section and smooth it back over the teased area, gathering all your hair into a low pony. Reserve a one-inch section of your longest hair and secure the rest with a hair band.

Step 4: Wrap the reserved hair around the hair band and secure underneath with a bobby pin.

Step 5: Slip on a headband. This look is great when the hair is previously straightened as well as curled.

This is a great everyday look, but you can also glam your pony up with a glamorous head band!

About Harmony:

Harmony Kaiser is the president of Harmony Salon in Wexford, Pennsylvania and has been committed to her mission of providing individual beauty for clients over the past 12 years. This passion for enhancing individual beauty has long been an integral part of Harmony’s personal and professional development. Informally starting her education and training in her early teenage years, she has refined her talents by obtaining several professional cosmetology degrees and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from LaRoche College. Additionally, she has worked as a professional platform artist and educator for several of the beauty industry’s largest companies, traveling across the county training other beauty professionals.

In 2009 Harmony released the Mothers Milc line of natural hair care products. To learn more about Harmony and Mothers Milc products visit Harmony Salon

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