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Holiday Shopping Tip for Working Moms: Find Stores that Wrap For You!

I am blessed to have a very full life. I am healthy. I have a loving family. I also have lot of activities--my job, my blog, my philanthropic work, my quest for style. I also have a lot of friends.
So during the holidays my chaotic life becomes even crazier! For that reason, the holidays are a crazy busy time for me. I like to ship presents to family and friends around the country. Although my heart is in the right place, sometimes my schedule interferes with my ability to get everything done. That's why I get excited when I find stores, sites, or people that can help!

Holiday Shopping is a Necessity that Can Be Stressful…

In an effort to avoid the time crunch, I have been in the throes of shopping since Black Friday. Although I avoided the lines at the stores I began my internet shopping in earnest. I am actually rather pleased with my purchases. I think that I found thoughtful and appropriate gifts that will make my family and friends smile!
The other day I was in a parking lot on a conference call and looked up and saw this store called “Learning Express”. It was like finding a lake in the desert.

I mostly shop on the internet. However, I like to wrap my gifts and give them a personal touch. So, I usually ship the gifts to me, wrap them and then mail them out.
I was excited to see the store because I still had some shopping to do. I got out of my car and walked to the store. I hoped that the store would have some good options and they did not disappoint me.

Stores that Wrap Gifts Can Make Shopping Less Stressful

I learned that even in this age of internet shopping, some traditional, “brick and mortar” stores can be a godsend for working moms. The key elements of a store that is ideal for working moms are 1) convenience, 2) organization, 3) and a perk like free gift wrapping. It turns out that “The Learning Express” has that and more. After my recent visit there I am convinced that it is a holiday oasis for working moms and others who are looking to buy unique, fun and educational gifts for the children in their lives.
I scored big and encourage you to check them out too!  The coolest gift that I found was a magic paint kit where you only use water. The kids feel like they're painting and they can see what they paint, but they make no mess.  Pure genius!
In case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I just visited the store and fell in love!
I can't wait to hear from how the kids like their gifts!

Here are the gifts that they wrapped.

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