Travel Tip for Frazzled Moms: Provide Entertainment

If you have ever traveled with a toddler you know that the key to success is ensuring that they are properly entertained. You also know that you need to have several entertainment options because they have the attention span of nats.
I try to bring things that will entertain my daughter and not annoy us or other travelers. Items that are high on my list involve her favorite things. One thing that she loves is “Dora the Explorer”. It is absolutely amazing to me that she is such a Dora fan. Indeed whenever the television is on she requests demands that we play a Dora show. She says, “Dora! Dora!” She’s a great kid, but a little short on patience…

Because she loves Dora so much I was excited when I was asked to review a new Nickelodeon app for Apple called,“Dora the Explorer, ‘Where is Boots’”. I have had it for a few months and it entertains my toddler and has been fun for us as well.

Stressed Out Moms Need Help While Traveling

The app makes a great travel companion for kids providing them with entertainment and education. The app includes an interactive storybook app that invites kids to read along with Dora or to practice on their own by reading the story themselves. The story features characters and items that they can interact with on each page as they travel along with Dora on a quest to find her best friend Boots' lost boot. At the end of the story children can also play the adorable banana catching game or create their own sticker scene using any of the backgrounds from the book and fill the scene with stickers off all their favorite characters and watch it come to life. They can even save the scene in their album to look at later.

"Dora the Explorer, ‘Where is Boots’" is the Answer for Stress-free Travel

From my experience the app is best for children over two. While my daughter was amused by the app before turning two she didn’t understand how to use it, which made it less effective with distracting her. Now that she’s two she is on and clicking! We traveled to Atlanta recently and having the app helped us to avoid a mid-flight meltdown. So even though it will cost you $3.99, it is worth its weight in gold!

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