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We Avoided the Apocolypse, Here Comes Christmas!

If you put off holiday shopping because you thought that the world was going to end you have a really short deadline to buy for those on your list. Whenever, I have to do a lot in a short period of time I like to have a plan.  So here are my five tips about how to get ready for Christmas in the next three days.

Planning for Christmas After the Apocolypse

1.     Get up early: We are in the home stretch and you need to approach shopping like it’s your job. The only way to get everything done is to start now. If you insist on going to the mall, go early. You want to be the one at the beginning of the line. You want to have as much time as possible to find what is left at the stores.

2.     Make a list: Nothing is worse than wandering through the mall or surfing the internet without a purpose. Both are huge time wasters. Since you have waited until December 22nd to prepare for December 25th time is not on your side.

3.     Consider gift cards: Gift cards are not the most personal gifts, but they are effective. If you're too overwhelmed to pick out a personalized gift, find a store that the recipient might like and get them a gift card. Nobody objects to the gift card. And secretly people love them because they can get exactly what they want and they know it will fit. Giving a gift card doesn't make you a failure, it makes you a rock star!

4.     Check out Neiman Marcus: You can’t go wrong with Neiman Marcus. They also understand what you need. You can visit their website and still get your presents in time for Christmas. And lest you believe that Neiman Marcus is only for those who are ballin’ like Oprah and Beyonce, they have a link to gifts that cost under $100. However, you need to act soon.  You only have until 6:00PM to order your gifts. Visit: for more information.

5.     Visit the Liquor Store: If you are shopping for children, ignore this tip. However, if you are shopping for adults and they drink alcohol, buy them a bottle of their favorite spirit.  Alcohol is the gift that keeps on giving! Every time they pour a glass they’ll think of you. They can also serve the alcohol to guests who stop by for the holidays.
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