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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: I Might be on Anderson Live

Yesterday was an interesting day. Work was fairly typical. After work I responded to an email I received looking for families who might want to get parenting advice from the Supernanny.  I've always liked the show. So, I responded. I'm online so much that I forgot about it as soon as I responded.

Anderson Live is looking for Families

On my drive home I received a call from a producer from Anderson Live. Ironically, the only reason that I answered the call is because I thought it was a friend of mine calling to ask me to hang out when I go to DC for the Inauguration. I was surprised that it was a producer who wanted to interview me for a television show.
She asked me why I wanted to speak to the Supernanny. I explained the parenting conflicts that Andre and I sometimes have.  They all stem from a fundamental disagreement about the maturity level of a two year old. Generally, I think that she's only two and still a baby. He thinks that she's just a tiny person and that she is fully capable of understanding everything. 
I have to wait to hear from the producer to see whether I'm selected for the show. If I am, I'd like for the Supernanny to weigh in on my conflict with Andre. Also, if you give me questions, I'll try to get your questions answered too!
Wish me luck!
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