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One of the Most Perfect Gifts for a Child, A Loving Auntie

As every women knows, you don’t have to be a mother to love children.  The New York Times ran an article recently called, “Holiday Bonus: A Beloved Aunt With Cash”. It profiled Melanie Notkin who created Savvy Auntie ( It’s a site that establishes a community for women without children.  They can network with other aunties, find events and get help finding perfect gifts for the nieces, nephews and god children in their lives.  

I think that Ms. Notkin is a genius! In this age of hustle and bustle what auntie couldn’t use a little extra help???

Aunts are very special people.

When I was growing up, I especially loved hanging out with my mother’s friends who didn’t have children. I thought they were so glamorous!

They treated me like a small person as opposed to a silly child who needed direction. I was able to drink out of good glasses and eat exotic foods like falafel and hummus. They also burned incense and asked me my opinion.  As a little girl I thought they were so glamorous. They wore flowing clothes, had arms full of bangles, and always seemed find something to laugh about. I wanted to be just like them.

My daughter is blessed to have similar women in her life.  My sister and friends are the kind of women that I would like for my daughter to become. They are gorgeous, accomplished and generous. They dote on her. They create special games for her. Even though she’s only two they treat her like a little lady.  

Aunts Help Balance Mothers

They also balance me. For example, my sister gave me a book about potty training and it include an inscription that reminded me that every child is different. Sometimes as a mother, I get so caught up measuring my daughter's progress on the "milestones"--walking, talking, potty training--that I forget that she has never taken this journey before and that she will accomplish these tasks in her own time. However, her aunt makes me remember.

These women, these aunties, who love children with all of their hearts, give great gifts and tell the children that their parents were not born lame… They are so important in the lives of children it’s about time that they got recognized!

Thanks to all of my daughter’s aunties.  She is truly blessed to have all of you.
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