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Earn Extra Money Surfing the Web! Inbox Dollars Promo - Gift Cards!

Food is so expensive that I have been tempted to show up at work with a t-shirt that reads, “Will Work For Food”!  I have resisted because such a t-shirt would likely clash with my wardrobe. Instead, I have spent many moments dreaming about winning the lottery.

Since the lottery thing hasn't worked out yet, I have also been looking for other ways to make extra money.  For that reason I was thrilled to find this offer from Inbox Dollars in my email inbox.

Get Free Money for Signing Up for Inbox Dollars!

InboxDollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! Also, they are running a promotion and will pay new enrollees $5 just for joining so this offer will convert extremely well to a broad based demographic, especially users interested in freebies, surveys, sweepstakes, discounts, or coupons online money making opportunities.

How cool is it that Inbox Dollars will pay you to do things that you’d be willing to do for free?!
This is a sponsored post.
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