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Five Reasons Why this Working Mom Watches "Scandal" (#Scandal)(#Gladiator)

I have learned that you can't always get what you want. But if you're lucky, you get what you need! (hey that sounds like a song...)

In this case I am referring to how I frequently miss my favorite television shows. Before I had my daughter, I had a few television shows that I watched routinely. And frankly, nothing would come between me and my "Grey's Anatomy".  Indeed, like a lot of people, Grey's got me hooked on Shonda Rhimes and I haven't looked back.

Five Reasons Why this Working Mom Watches "Scandal"

Ms. Rhimes is a prolific and imaginative writer. And she seems to have her pulse on what Americans are craving! I have followed her to "Private Practice" and now to "Scandal". With the pressures of working and motherhood, every mom needs a guilty pleasure. And mine is "Scandal".

  1. I don't watch it  just because of the salacious sex scenes, although like 50 Shades of Grey I am certain that "Scandal" has spiced up a lot of marriages.
  2. I don't just watch it because I am obsessed with the great clothes worn by Kerry Washington who plays the lead character "Olivia Pope", although I'd gladly give up an arm (scratch that, a pinky toe) to have that wardrobe. (As an aside, if they're looking for a double or someone to stand in for Kerry to do the lighting, perhaps ABC will call me and let me have that Prada bag she carries!:-) 
  3. I don't watch it just because I long to have even one "Gladiator" who would have my back no matter what.
  4. I don't even watch it because I have great respect for the lawyer turned crisis manager who inspired the show, Judy Smith. Even though I have met Ms. Smith and found her to be completely lovely that's not it. (see photo below)  I actually cannot even tell you why I like the show so much, but I will try. 
  5. I think that the truth behind my love of the show is this, with "Scandal" Shonda Rhimes appeals to all of my senses, captures my imagination, and makes me wonder what is actually going on the life of my colleagues.  The truth is the show is close enough to reality to make it really interesting!
And before I get hate mail, no this does not mean that I condone adultery, lying, cheating or stealing. My name is Chaton, I abide by the ten commandments, and I watch "Scandal". Don't judge me!

On Demand, the Best Thing that has Happened Since the Invention of Television

Despite my love of the show, I never manage to watch the show on Thursday nights at 10:00PM. Despite my best intentions, I wind up falling asleep on the couch or on the rocking chair in my daughter's room. I think that the pressures of the week pile up on me and by Thursday night I am exhausted! So, I consistently miss the show on Thursdays and thank my lucky stars that we have Comcast On Demand. 

I missed last night's show where all of the mysteries from the prior shows were going to be revealed.  For that reason, I have stayed off of the internet, refrained from going on Facebook and have not even called anyone to discuss the show.  I don't want them to ruin it for me. I will likely watch the show when I usually do at 7:30 AM on Saturday morning in my pajamas while my family is fast asleep. I can't wait!

Me With Judy Smith

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