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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: A Wonderful Sunday at The Pittsburgh Children's Museum

On Sunday, we thought about attending church. However, Andre had been up during the night sick from food poisoning or something. So, we got up around 6 and stayed up. My normal Sunday wake time is 7:30 AM. So, today was a change. Despite his sickness, he went over to his parents’ house to do a home improvement project… So, the toddler and I were left to fend for ourselves. We occupied ourselves with iPad apps, games and stories. Although we miss him, life can be a lot of fun when daddy is otherwise occupied.

After our stimulating morning the toddler and I went to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum with my mother, affectionately known as GG. 

The toddler and GG
Since we live really close to the museum, going there isn’t a big deal. However, today was different. There was a celebration for the Chinese New Year and GG was with us so today was special.  Everyone must have thought it was a special museum day because mommies, grand mommies and kids were dressed to the nines. Everywhere I looked I saw Louis Vuitton bags, Hunter wellies and Burberry scarves. It was as if I had died and went to designer heaven. I wish that I had known that it was dress up day at the museum. I would have stepped it up a bit! J
Toddler in the tunnel at the Children's Museum
Of course, the toddler was cute as the dickens. Also, we had fun. That’s all that matters!

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