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Spring Cleaning Giveaway: A Legacy of Clean

The first day of Spring was Wednesday March 20th. However, it seems as if Pittsburgh did not get the memo. Since Wednesday we have had high winds, snow and low temperatures. Even though the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, predicted an early Spring it has not shown up. We are all impatiently awaiting a warm sunny day. Still, even though we are wearing our parkas, scarves and gloves, there are still signs that Spring is here.

It is  Time for Spring Cleaning

The landscapers have begun working on our courtyard, people have begun wearing brighter colors, and it is time for Spring cleaning! And thanks to the generosity of my friend, Marianne, whom I met at "Spark and Hustle" and her sister Cindilou, I have a great giveaway for my blog readers. As you know, I am committed to living a healthy life. So, I was thrilled that Marianne and Cindilou gave me the opportunity to give you products that will help you get your place sparkling in clean and in a healthy green way.

“Green” Legacy of Clean Cleaning Products Giveaway

Marianne Deal-Brown and her sister Cindilou Meshanko are both independent business owners representing exclusive, high quality products that help people live healthy, look great and be kind to the planet. Their goal is to help you find the products that make your life better.

They offer a wide variety of products including “Green” Legacy of Clean cleaning products and laundry products, Nutirlite sports nutrition and nutritional supplements and Artistry premium skin care and makeup.  Also, Marianne is an Aesthetician that specializes in Aesthetic Skincare from basic skincare to the most scientifically advanced and luxurious anit-aging breakthroughs from "Artistry”.

The Products

The "Legacy of Clean" Spring Cleaning Bundle includes:

Kitchen all purpose cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, Glass cleaner, Concentrated Multi-Purpose cleaner, Dish Drops dish liquid, concentrated Dishwasher detergent, Scrub Buds scrubbing pads and disposable All Purpose Surface wipes. 

Here’s what Marianne and Cindilou say about this Giveaway


The Spring Cleaning Bundle will allow you to clean when you have time and still be kind to the planet, your kids and your pets! The “Legacy of Clean” cleaners came to the market 53 years ago, long before anyone knew what“green” was or why we would want it. They have been improved and re-formulated over the years to ensure your satisfaction.

To check out all of the wonderful products we represent, click into our web site:


The Legacy of Clean Products 


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