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Wednesday's Working Mom Words of Wisdom: Driving Through a Rain Storm

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." Proverbs 4:7

I try to make my posts timely, but neglected to post one last week that I'd like to share because the lesson I learned was profound. In the midst of it all, be grateful...

Be Grateful

Last Wednesday was particularly eventful. I had two meetings after work. As I was driving to the second meeting, there was an advisory from the National Weather Service saying that thunderstorms were coming to Allegheny County along with "quarter sized" hail.

As soon as the announcement finished on came the wind, rain, the thunder, the lighting and the hail. It was as if it was on queue. The hail reminded me that my Volkswagen is a definitely a step down from my old Lexus. It was coming down hard and I could almost feel it. Also, I was on a two lane road during this storm trying to get from one side of the county to the other. It was scary and I kept thinking about all of the people who die on two lane roads and otherwise perish in car accidents.

I tried to resist those thoughts, but they came anyway. What to do?! Pray and pay attention to the road. I did both and fortunately, made it home safely. When I got home I hugged Andre and the toddler and it was pure joy!
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