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Working Mom Tip: How to Throw a Magnificent Milestone Birthday (Guest Post by Kristin Lynn Stewart)

Whether you are planning a “Sweet 16” or a 50th, people love birthday parties. Here are some great ideas to throw a great milestone party.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party

A “Sweet 16” birthday is a major milestone in a girl’s life. They are growing up and will want their parties to reflect that level of sophistication. Use invitations, decorations, and favors that make them feel that they are growing up and have moved beyond typical “kid parties.” Set the mood right from the beginning with a sophisticated style invitation. Shutterfly has great birthday party invitations that you and your teen can look at together as you plan her special event. If she would like to get dressed up, go ahead and allow it for this special event, just don’t forget to mention it on the card.
Turning 21
Turning 21 is quite possibly one of the biggest of all milestone birthdays. You are finally an adult and while that brings responsibility, it also brings a lot of fun! Turning 21 means heading to the bar or having a party to enjoy that first legal drink. has some helpful 21st birthday ideas on their site. You’ll find great party ideas there! If you plan on hitting the town to celebrate, plan on having designated drivers.
Turning 30
Hitting age 30 is an interesting milestone birthday. You have definitely hit everything that comes with being an adult, but you are still young enough to go out and have a fun time with your favorite crew! The 30th birthday is one of the most popular birthdays for surprise parties. If your friends or significant other wants to plan a party, the possibilities are endless. Many prefer to keep things casual by having a surprise party at a friend’s house or a dinner out with a small group of friends.  Many people also opt to go on vacation to celebrate their 30th birthday.  A birthday getaway can be an elaborate European getaway, or a road trip to a vineyard, or a nearby casino to celebrate your birthday weekend. Consult a local travel agent or browse Groupon’s getaways to plan the perfect birthday trip!
Turning 50
Turning 50 has become an increasingly important birthday. Many people opt for a fancy and formal birthday or a completely silly birthday, depending on the birthday boy or girl! There is also the chance someone may plan a surprise party for you! For 50th birthdays, many families tend to spend this birthday together and it’s a great opportunity for the elderly grandparents and teenage children to get together to celebrate! Since a 50th birthday is more of a family event, many people plan on hosting the event in a larger venue to accommodate extended family and friends. Since a variety of ages will be present at this, it is important to utilize a professional party planner to help make sure your 50th birthday is a fun occasion for all ages!  
No matter what type of milestone birthday you are planning, don’t be afraid to get creative and give yourself permission to have a fun birthday party as an adult – just like you had when you were a child.
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