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Working Mom Tip: A Packing Checklist

"Necessity is the mother of invention."

It has been proven many times, in many industries that checklists are the way to success. Creativity and thinking are necessary, but over time, a list that was created by a team who focused on the best, most efficient way to complete a task generally leads to better results. The reason is because humans are brilliant, complicated and well human.  Sometimes we make mistakes.

Checklists are the secret to success, especially for working moms...

Checklists however help us, especially during our less perfect times--when we are tired, crazy busy and desperately trying to multi-task.  As I write, I realize that as a working mom of a tenacious toddler I am "less perfect" more often than I'd like to be. For that reason, I am in constant search of things to make my life easier and to make me better. Because I am committed to helping other women I always share what I find on my blog.

I found a great packing checklist that I decided to share...

One recent find is a packing checklist.  I am taking a trip for the next few days, without Andre and the toddler, and I have to pack. Before I pack I have to finalize some paperwork for a work presentation, which is voluminous. One would think that I was trying to convince them to hire me to speak. I was invited to do it, still there's a ton of paperwork. And because it's internal, the extra effort is merely a part of my "other duties as assigned." We all know what that's code for... :-) I also have to finalize my PowerPoint presentation for "The Mom Con". If you are in Pittsburgh, I encourage you to check it out. It's going to be a spectacular event with inspiring speakers including my girls Deb Gilboa, MD (Ask Dr. G.) and Jenn Lee (Coach Jenn Lee) and other qualified women.
In any event, there are miles to go before I sleep and laundry to do and food to cook and work to finish... So, I am signing off. Hope you find the list helpful!

Here's a link to the packing checklist:
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