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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: My Weekend

"If life happens when you're busy making other plans, for working moms magic happens on the weekends."
Like all working moms I cherish my weekends. Not to sound trite but, raising my daughter has been the greatest joy of my life. And this weekend was full of lots of toddler and mommy memories? I also managed to have some time of my own...

Going to happy hour on Friday made me feel like a kid again...

I remember my first job out of college. I was barely twenty-one. I was a sales representative for a candy company. Even though I had a company car and an expense account, attending happy hour was what made me feel most like a real working woman. As a working mom I don't get to attend happy hour very often. However, this past Friday night Savoy Restaurant was hosting a free happy hour for Curran Automotive. Also, my mother was in town and she and my brother and lots of my friends were at Savoy too. So, I put on my white jeans, flowing shirt and wedges and went too. I left Andre and the toddler to amuse themselves.  
It was great to be out. It brought back feelings of nostalgia when I was younger and believed that going to happy hour was the best thing since graduation!

Weekends were made to be enjoyed.

The rest of the weekend was filled with exercise, family time and fun. On Saturday morning, I went for a run. Because I had been out drinking the night before I missed running with my group who meets at 6:45 AM. Instead, I went out at 7:45 AM. It felt good to be out running with the sun shining on me.
Later that afternoon, I attended our office summer party. It was in Schenley Park and they rented a moon bounce for the kids. My daughter felt like she had hit the lottery! She stayed in there most of the afternoon. At one point she insisted that I join her. I didn't think that anyone would notice, but our general counsel saw me climbing out. Perhaps I got brownie points for flexibility???
After the picnic we went swimming as a family with some friends. It was a great way to cool off after a hot day. Because my mother was in town Andre and I were able to go out as grown ups. We had a great date at Soba, one of my favorite restaurants. If you're in Pittsburgh, you should go by to check out the new bar at Soba. It's a week old and is quite swanky. I am certain that it will turn into the place to see and be seen. So be sure to wear your most fashionable summer attire.
I can hardly believe that I made it to two bars in one weekend.  It reminded me of the old days when I thought I was a hottie!
On Sunday, because my soul needed some nourishment after all of my partying, the toddler and I attended church. After church we went to the grocery store. (Andre was at his parents' house putting a door on the new bathroom. I've been told that's the final detail. Here's hoping!)

Since we were all in such a great mood we decided to host an impromptu party with our families.  Cocktails and cookouts are among my favorite things. The food was good, the laughs kept coming and we had a great time!

When I returned to work on Monday I was refreshed and renewed. I'm looking forward to next weekend already. Don't judge me!
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