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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Seeking More "Likes" on Facebook Page

For bloggers, social media influence is essential. We live to have our posts read. Indeed, I hope that my posts help to inspire other working moms and let them know that I am with them in the struggle.
For that reason, I have been steadily trying to increase my number of Facebook followers. I am close to passing a milestone, "600".  I'd be honored if you'd help me out. If you use Facebook, please stop by my page and click "like". I'll be eternally grateful!

Don't be shy. Feel freel to share this post with your friends! :-)

My facebook page is located at:
Chatonsworld Chaton Turner shared a Tweet with you:

Chaton Turner
I only need 11 more "likes" to have 600 "likes" on my blog Facebook page. Perhaps today will be my lucky day?!...
03:52 PM - 21 Jun 13
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