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Mommy Mondays: Crime Fighting Mom Inspires Me!

A lot of people say that working moms are super women. We take those comments in stride and keep it moving. Secretly, I sometimes look at what I’ve accomplished in a given week and take great pride. It is rare, but sometimes I feel like I rock!

There are other times when I feel as if I am drowning in toys, struggling to keep my house clean and barely treading water at work. I also sometimes feel deeply conflicted about working and mothering, especially when I leave the house and my daughter is in tears. When those weeks are combined with lazy days, when I choose to sleep until 7:00 AM instead of waking to blog or run, I feel downright slovenly!

Anyway, I digress.

This Mommy Monday isn’t about whining. It is about celebrating!
I recently read about a mom who is not only a psychotherapist and marathoner, she is also a B-A-D-A-S-S!
She chased down a thief who was trying to steal her husband’s bike from their home.  She saw the crime going down and instantly acted. I think that she was prepared to beat him down. He must have thought so too because he abandoned the bike and fled. All I can say is “GO MOM”!!!
Note to criminals: Don't *bleep* with moms!!!

(Advice to this mom, even though I’m impressed, next time, let him keep the bike. He might be a crazed lunatic!!!)

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